Why do Athletes love ice baths?

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Aug 11 • 5 mins read

Why do Athletes love ice baths?


We all have been hearing that athletes have been digging into ice baths lately. 

Research has demonstrated the value of ice baths and cold water immersion in aiding in the healing process following intense exercise.

The line “no pain, no gain” is often used when discussing exercise.

However, let’s face it: the majority of people, including fitness aficionados and athletes, don’t genuinely want to be in pain.

It may not feel like you are getting fitter, not even with the presumed stiffness and inflammation in your muscles.

Rather, the discomfort might impede your progress.

So how does Icebath affect your body?

Let's start from the Stratch.​

Numerous things, such as the intensity of the activity, overstretching before the session, or poor form, might result in soreness in the muscles. 


Microtrauma to the muscles is the primary source of discomfort and inflammation in many athletes. 

Your body produces microscopic breaks in the muscle fibers during exercise, and while your body tries to repair the damage, this causes an inflammatory reaction


In the days after a strenuous workout, this process can cause discomfort, stiffness, and limited range of motion, even though it is crucial for increasing muscle mass and fitness.

The body’s natural reaction to tissue damage is inflammation.

Furthermore, despite its unfavorable reputation, inflammation is a necessary component of the healing process.

Why do Athletes love ice baths?

Cyclists were able to sustain their performance during interval time trials by submerging themselves in cold water.

On the second attempt, other participants were unable to exert the same amount of force.

A portion of the group then had an ice bath for ten minutes.

Two days later, those who had soaked in cold water reported less stiffness and performed better in a follow-up run.

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