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July 31 • 2 mins read

Icebathimage 1 Vs Cold Shower

An Icy cold shower can be quite relaxing, but can it replace an ice bath while providing the same benefits?

The Simple answer to this is no. It’s not the same.

But Today, let’s take the time to understand the difference in the effects of cold shower vs Ice Bath.

If you’re planning to take one in 2024, Let’s have a look at those in detail!

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This is because the water coming from your faucet is usually approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can drop to roughly 45 degrees Fahrenheit in colder months and climates

The water in a purpose-built cold plunge can be as chilly as 39 degrees Fahrenheit.

This may provide additional benefits over simply taking a cold bath or shower.


Cold plunges, such as the kind Icecode offers, feature precise temperature controls that stay where you want them to be rather than gradually drifting hotter or colder as you spend more time in them.

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Water Coverage:

Cold plunges are not only colder than showers, but they also provide a more consistent coverage of your body.


A shower head restricts the amount of direct and continual contact that the water, regardless of temperature, has with your body.


This makes it difficult to maintain a constant chilling effect across your body, which you do not have to worry about while taking a cold plunge. 

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Vagus Nerve Stimulation:

Cold temperatures have been found in studies to stimulate the vagal nerve, which regulates your heart, lungs, and digestive tract.

Stimulating your vagus nerve has also been demonstrated to aid in relaxation and stress reduction.

While a cold shower may activate your vagus nerve, immersing yourself in an ice bath is frequently more effective since you can better cover your neck and abdomen, where this nerve stretches.

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Workout Recovery

Taking a cold shower feels good, but ice baths offer more lasting benefits. 

Studies show that after intense exercise, athletes who soak in cold water for 10 minutes have less muscle soreness. 

Cold water constricts your blood vessels, limiting blood flow to the aching spot. This can temporarily relieve inflammation. 

Many athletes swear by cold water immersion and ice baths after a workout to aid in recovery and as a result, they feel more relaxed and stress-free. 


Fat Loss

Researchers are still investigating how exposure to cold temperatures may contribute to weight loss, but the results are encouraging. Studies have already demonstrated that ice water immersion can increase your metabolic rate, or the pace at which you burn calories. When you sit in freezing water, your brown fat becomes active and works harder to keep you warm.


Restful sleep.

As previously said, an ice bath can help activate your vagus nerve, resulting in enhanced relaxation – and many people who practise cold plunge report better sleep. Athletes who discover that an ice bath reduces muscular discomfort may also have a more pleasant and comfortable sleep.

While you sleep, your body is working on muscle regeneration through protein synthesis and the production of human growth hormone. 

So, finally,

Cold Plunge or Cold Shower: Which Is Better for You?

Well, the answer is both are good, but Cold Plunge is more effective!

So if you’re thinking of building a habit for the body, you can start with cold showers, but nothing beats it all like a good Ice bath. 

Have you taken the Plunge?

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Take the Plunge, with IceCode First.


10 Icebath BENEFITS You should KNOW

IceCode Recovery

July 31 • 2 mins read

Are Ice Baths good for health?

While we all have seen the buzz of IceBaths, there are a few facts that you should be aware of, before you plan to take a plunge!



These few things are the ones that make a major difference in a person feeling more relaxed with the Ice Baths or feeling more 🥶in a ice bath. 

If you’re planning to take one in 2024, Let’s have a look at those in detail!

  1. Ice bath rehabilitation is not as simple as pouring ice and cold water into a bathtub and praying for the best. It is preferable to doing nothing, but it will largely leave you cold.

2. The effectiveness of an ice bath is due to the targeting of the body, If they target the right muscles, your recovery from strenuous activity will increase significantly.

3. If you perform an extreme sport twice a week, you are up to SIX times more likely to incur an injury from tiredness. An ice bath recovery session will help combat fatigue, reduce the chance of injury, and improve performance.

4. The effective temperature of an ice bath is between 4 and 10 degrees.
When we enter the ice bath, our body temperature leaves an effect on the water temperature, resulting in the temperature to rise, so the lower the temperature the better. 

5. Prior to a thorough ice bath, your skin temperature will be around 30 degrees, and a CryoSpa Ice Bath will drop it by 20 or more degrees, whilst an ice bath will only reduce it by 10 to 12 degrees.

Embrace the Power of JustDial:

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Befriend Your Local Juice Shop Vendor:

Connect with your nearest juice shop vendors. These guys receive regular ice deliveries, and they’re often more than happy to spill the beans about their local ice vendor. This could be your ticket to a direct connection with an ice supplier – talk about a cool insider tip!

Remember, every ice bath starts with a good ice source, so happy hunting! And don’t forget – the ice is not just for chilling your drinks but also for chilling you. So, keep calm, stay frosty, and enjoy your Ice Code Recovery journey.

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