Chillin' 101: Your Ultimate Guide to Ice Sourcing

IceCode Recovery

July 31 • 2 mins read

Are Ice Baths good for health?

Hey there ice bath enthusiasts! We know that tracking down a trusty ice vendor can be as tricky as nailing that perfect ice-cold temperature. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got your back! Follow these cool tips to source your ice effortlessly, no matter where you are:

If you are located in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi or Chennai. We've found reliable vendors and here's a list of vendors to source some ice in just one call

1. Mumbai

– Perfect Ice: 9821575152
– Rai Ice: 9920555557
– Ice King – 8879915788

Stay cool and refreshed! ❄️

2. Bangalore

- HP Ice Factory: 9341185893/7892416962

Stay cool and refreshed! ❄️

3. Delhi

- Bhatia Ice Depot: 9811021218
- Gayathri Industries: 9818276102

Stay cool and refreshed! ❄️

4. Chennai

- Annai Enterprises: 9840069244
- Golden Ice Cube: 9080335522

Stay cool and refreshed! ❄️

5. Goa

- Aarav Enterprises - 9881884348
- Babla Ice Cubes - 9325252437 / 9158584437

Stay cool and refreshed! ❄️

Embrace the Power of JustDial:

This is your first pit-stop on the ice hunt. Simply pop on their website or app, search for “ice vendors” in your area and voila – you have a list of suppliers who even offer doorstep delivery. Don’t you love it when things are just that simple?

Befriend Your Local Juice Shop Vendor:

Connect with your nearest juice shop vendors. These guys receive regular ice deliveries, and they’re often more than happy to spill the beans about their local ice vendor. This could be your ticket to a direct connection with an ice supplier – talk about a cool insider tip!

Remember, every ice bath starts with a good ice source, so happy hunting! And don’t forget – the ice is not just for chilling your drinks but also for chilling you. So, keep calm, stay frosty, and enjoy your Ice Code Recovery journey.

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