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July 31 • 2 mins read

Does Icebath boost testosterone?

Imagine you’re into fitness and building muscles, and you’re curious about ways to boost testosterone, a hormone important for muscle growth. 

Some folks suggest taking ice baths could do the trick. 

But is there any truth to it?

Or is this just a myth?

Today, let’s take the time to understand whether this actually works or not.

Does Icebath boost testosterone?

Understanding the Theory.

When you plunge into icy water, your body reacts by releasing cold-shock proteins.
These proteins are like superheroes for muscle recovery.

People think they might also kickstart a surge in testosterone, which helps muscles grow and keeps you energized.

Taking an ice bath right after a workout is thought to make this effect even stronger because your body is already stressed from exercising.

Exploring the Science:

Scientists have looked into how cold exposure affects testosterone, but most studies have focused on its impact on the testicles and sperm production rather than directly on testosterone levels.

Research from the late 2007 showed that cooler temperatures around the testes can improve sperm production and quality. 

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean a big boost in testosterone. 

Some studies even hinted that short exposure to cold might lower testosterone levels in the blood.

Surprisingly, a study from 1991, found that cold water didn’t really change testosterone levels significantly.

Instead, things like how much you exercise seemed to have a bigger effect.

This tells us that while ice baths might help with muscle recovery and overall health, their direct link to testosterone levels isn’t clear-cut.

Let's dive deeper into this topic.

Does Icebath boost testosterone?

Cold therapy supposedly gets your neurotransmitters and sex hormones, like testosterone, fired up. But how much it really affects them and what that means in the long run needs more study.


There’s talk about cold showers boosting fertility, with some guys seeing a big jump in sperm count. But it’s not clear if this links directly to more testosterone or if other body stuff is at play.

So, what's the truth?

While the idea of ice baths boosting testosterone sounds great, we need to look at it carefully.

The evidence we have suggests that while cold therapy can help with muscle recovery, immunity, and feeling good overall, its impact on testosterone isn’t crystal clear.

Instead of banking on cold therapy alone to amp up testosterone, it’s smarter to think about your health and fitness as a whole package.

Stuff like eating right, staying active, getting enough sleep, and managing stress are all key players in keeping your hormones in check and feeling your best.

Does Icebath boost testosterone?

To wrap it up:

The idea of using ice baths to boost testosterone has gained popularity among fitness fans worldwide, but the evidence backing it up isn’t solid.

Sure, cold therapy has perks like helping muscles recover, boosting immunity, and making you feel better overall. 

But whether it directly amps up testosterone needs more digging.

As we learn more about how our bodies work, we might get clearer answers on the benefits of chilling out in the cold.

For now, it’s smart to keep a balanced approach to staying healthy and fit. 

That means trying out different strategies to keep your hormones in check and feel your best.


So, even if we’re not sure if ice baths pump up testosterone, staying cool, in every sense, is a win-win.

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10 Icebath BENEFITS You should KNOW

IceCode Recovery

July 31 • 2 mins read

Are Ice Baths good for health?

While we all have seen the buzz of IceBaths, there are a few facts that you should be aware of, before you plan to take a plunge!



These few things are the ones that make a major difference in a person feeling more relaxed with the Ice Baths or feeling more 🥶in a ice bath. 

If you’re planning to take one in 2024, Let’s have a look at those in detail!

  1. Ice bath rehabilitation is not as simple as pouring ice and cold water into a bathtub and praying for the best. It is preferable to doing nothing, but it will largely leave you cold.

2. The effectiveness of an ice bath is due to the targeting of the body, If they target the right muscles, your recovery from strenuous activity will increase significantly.

3. If you perform an extreme sport twice a week, you are up to SIX times more likely to incur an injury from tiredness. An ice bath recovery session will help combat fatigue, reduce the chance of injury, and improve performance.

4. The effective temperature of an ice bath is between 4 and 10 degrees.
When we enter the ice bath, our body temperature leaves an effect on the water temperature, resulting in the temperature to rise, so the lower the temperature the better. 

5. Prior to a thorough ice bath, your skin temperature will be around 30 degrees, and a CryoSpa Ice Bath will drop it by 20 or more degrees, whilst an ice bath will only reduce it by 10 to 12 degrees.

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